Anthonie’s Market Grill – Building The Team

Anthonies Market Grill is now accepting applications! Construction of the restaurant is now all but complete, interior finishes are in place and the dining areas have a full complement of brand new furniture. The project has moved into the most exciting part of the preparation phase, with Anthonie and Sous Chef Ryan Hallstead experimenting with the new menu and working with all of the brand new kitchen equipment.

“It has been exciting to test out the equipment” says Anthonie. “We have been working with the smoker, the pizza oven, the rotisserie. The kitchen is coming together just as we had planned and all of the food that we have been preparing has been coming out really well. This kitchen is going to produce some great food”

Anthonie recently set up a Facebook page for Anthonies Market Grill, allowing him to post regular updates and keep the local community informed as he gets ever closer to opening the doors to the public. He has also been sharing videos on his personal Facebook page throughout the construction of the restaurant, but more recently he has been showing the kitchen in action and getting future customers excited about the prospect of the new food.


“We have already had great feedback on some of the videos we posted showing the kitchen in action and some of the food that we have prepared” he comments. “We can’t wait to get the restaurant open so that everyone can come in, enjoy the great food and take in the atmosphere for themselves”.

Anthonie’s next task will be to hire a great team to staff the restaurant. “We are hiring for all positions” he says. “We will be looking for experienced wait staff, busboys, bartenders and cooks. If you want to apply, send a resume and references to info@anthonies.com or drop in to the restaurant and introduce yourself”

Anthonie is holding 3 open days for all interested candidates to come and see the restaurant and interview for the open positions. “We are looking for people with experience working in the restaurant business. We are going to need some team members with solid experience working in the industry, who have great customer service skills and a fantastic attitude.”

“We are also happy to speak with people with no experience but with a great attitude and who are eager to learn” he says. “This restaurant is going to offer a relaxed, friendly dining experience, and the staff we hire will be absolutely vital to making that happen”.

According to the new Facebook page, the restaurant is scheduled to open in the Autumn of this year. “We are on course to open later in August or at some point in September” says Anthonie. “We are still planning on a soft opening, allowing the team a chance to get used to working together and really make this restaurant into something special. Now that we are already stocking with food and drinks, we are within touching distance of opening up for the public to come and join in this great new venture. We are looking forward to seeing you”

Anthonies Market Grill will be holding an open recruitment fair on August 15 thru 17, from 11am – 4pm. If you are interested in joining the team, stop by the new restaurant at 9108 FM 1489, Simonton TX 77476.

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