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Anthonie’s Market Grill NOW OPEN!

Anthonie’s Market Grill is now open for business! The restaurant opened its doors on Thursday evening for a soft opening, inviting friends and family of the staff and members of the community to experience the brand new restaurant and test out the new menu. Reports have all been overwhelmingly positive, with great comments being made on social media about the level of service and the quality of the food. The evening was even capped off with a beautiful sunset that everyone enjoyed from the outdoor deck.

Anthonie’s will be open from 4pm-11pm throughout the rest of September for dinner service. The restaurant will then also be open for lunch service starting in early October

The final preparations for opening were made over the last few weeks  – the senior team members have been in place for some time, with the Chef De Cuisine, Maitre’D, Drinks Manager and Restaurant Manager all heavily involved in the preparation for opening. The recent hiring and job fair was also a success, and Anthonies now boasts a full complement of kitchen, bar, restaurant and serving staff.

The menu has been finalized and tested, with a number of familiar and traditional gulf coast items on offer, as well as some exciting and interesting dishes for the more adventurous customer – Mug of Oysters ‘Michelada Style with Crackers, Drunken Short Ribs with Mashed Potatoes and Au Jus, Seafood Papadelle with Tomato Sauce, and Shrimp and Crab Compechana with Crispy Chips to name but a few.


Anthonie is looking to support the local produce market and the Gulf Coast where possible. “Our fresh shucked oysters and shrimp will be straight from the Gulf Coast when they are in season” he says. “We want the produce and ingredients to be fresh and local”

Anthonie expects certain favorites to be particularly popular. “The pizza oven that we have is top of the line. It cooks at over 450 degrees and a pizza takes around 3 minutes cook”

“We are serving Neapolitan pizzas” explains Ryan Hallsted, Chef De Cuisine. “That means that they are thin crust, with a base made from flour, salt, no sugar. We use fresh Italian tomatoes for the sauce and there will be a variety of different toppings. The 3 minute cook time means that they are as fresh as possible from the oven to the table, and the crust has a beautiful, stone oven crisp. The pizzas will be spectacular.”

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The restaurant also has a state of the art, in house bakery, so all of the breads, patisseries and desserts are as fresh as possible.

The fire truck red smoker has also been producing some excellent meat dishes during the test cooking. “We are using mesquite and oak for the smoker” says Ryan. “We did try some other types of wood but we got the best results and flavors from mesquite and oak. If you look outside on the patio, the wood racks are stacked with the wood supplies, ready to go straight in the smoker”.

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The restaurant bar is fully stocked, with a few interesting additional items on offer as well. “We are selling all of the usual spirits and beers that you would expect to find in any high caliber restaurant and bar” he explains “but I am also tapping into my Dutch heritage for some high quality beer.”

Anthonie Dekker

“We are serving Heineken, imported straight from Amsterdam which is stored and served using a new technique called ‘Brewlock’. There is no carbonation in the beer, and it is stored and transported in vacuum cylinders. The carbonation occurs with the storage and serving system. This is as close to drinking a genuine European beer in the US that I have found, and I have been here for over 20 years.”


The bar is offering heathier options, with a cold press juicer installed. “The juice bar is a little different” says Anthonie.” We are offering a small menu of fresh pressed juices, using all natural and organic fruits, vegetables and herbs”.

“We are serving a Pineapple Carrot Crush, The Mean Green, The Peach Pit and the Beet’s Knees – each juice drink has different ingredients and is intended to help during a cleanse, with a detox or with inflammation. Just because you come to Anthonie’s doesn’t mean that you need to go off your eating plan!”

To celebrate the opening, Anthonie is offering one lucky winner a voucher worth $100 to use at the restaurant! To enter for a chance to win, leave a comment in the section below, or add a comment to the post on the Fulshear Star Facebook page. GOOD LUCK!   

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